Erzelj is supposed to be the only Slovenian village that starts with an E and is in fact a common name of five smaller settlements located around a hill where a castle once stood. These five localities are named Lenivec, Miški, Mesesneli, Vovki and Tabor. Tabor is the place where centuries ago a castle was built. Only a few ruined walls can still be seen, probably originating in part from the period of Turk invasions (16th-17th century). Actually, "tabor" in Slovenian denotes a walled refuge against invaders in the Middle Ages.

The medieval name of the locality was Castrum montis sancti Michaelis, first mentioned in 1352, while the existence of the village and its two churches was mentioned already in 1275.

Erzelj is best reached from Ajdovščina on a surfaced road or from Trebižani (a locality on the Vipava - Štanjel road). There is a road connection from Goče as well, but the road is not paved and is rough soon after Goče.

The centerpoint of the village is the former school where occasional events are organized. From here, it is just good 10 min walk to the top of Tabor hill with two small churches - the St. Lovrenc (Lawrence) church in late gothic style and the baroquised St. Mihael (Michael) church on the very top of the hill. St. Lawrence has some frecoes from mid-16th century on the presbitery ceiling while the originally older St. Michael (consecrated in 1466) has three altars with painting of Simon Ogrin (St. Michael, St. Florian and St. Barbara) from 1880s, although altars date from the 18th century.

There are nice views from the top of Tabor and apparently on clear days one can even see the Adriatic sea from here. Soon before reaching the top of the hill you will notice a graveyard and a chapel on the left. Since the village nowadays counts only 74 people the graveyard is small, too.

There is a Web presentation of Erzelj in Slovenian available.

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